Monday, September 16, 2013

Sights of Tonga

I thought I'd post some of the pictures I've taken the last few weeks.

Banana trees growing near our house....Can't wait til they are ripe.

Cow and calf on Pres. Nau's farm

Trees planted by Elder Fletcher in 1952. They now form an arch over the road.

Rows of Chinese cabbage

A friendly cow on Pres. Nau's farm.

We went downtown one day and were greeted by about 4000 tourists from this cruise ship.

The wharf in downtown Nuku'alofa looking towards Pangaimotu, a resort island (and great snorkeling). Fish traps in the foreground.

Giant clam shell

The bell clangs, and the cows come. It's watering time.

Mama hen and baby cute.

Pele - similar to spinach

A pandanus tree

Pres. Nau's bull, who keeps all the other cows and bulls in line

Looking toward's the island of Eua from Pres. Nau's beach

I think there are as many roosters as there are people here. You hear from them ALL night!

Sis Tupou and Sis Nau watching the cows get watered on the Nau's farm

The temple and sunset

Sunset on Pres. Nau's beach

Sunset on Pres. Nau's beach


The temple at night

Yes, that's corn. And it's almost ready to eat!!1


  1. Brother and Sister Hamblin, So good to keep up with you and feel the spirit and joy of your serving in Tonga. Such a beautiful place. Have you heard 12 new families moved to Juneau 2nd this past few months! The new Stake center has 2 by 4 walls. "Ïf we build it (new building) they (new members) will come?"It still rains here. I am getting out my sunshine lamp today. Take care, Donna Leigh

    1. I had heard that there were lots of new families moving into the ward. That is great. And I also heard that Nathan coined a new phrase, which we like very much :) It's so true. The Lord is anxious for the church to grow in Juneau. And it sounds like everyone there is doing his/her part.