Friday, August 29, 2014

Fafa retreat

The end of January 2014 the Senior missionaries decided they needed a break and we took a much needed, and very fun trip to Fafa Island. Fafa is a resort on an island to the north of Nuku'alofa. It is about a 30-minute boat ride to get there. The beaches were lovely, the food was delicious, and the quiet and solitude were very much appreciated.
Elder and Sister Webb in front of one of the fale's

View as we were leaving the harbor

Giant clams for sale at the fish market at the wharf

Big eye (or yellow-eyed) snapper - this was our lunch :)

Boarding the boat to  Fafa - the LITTLE boat

That little boat is our ferry to Fafa, about 30 minutes outside of Nuku'alofa

Sister Mitchell

Downtown Nuku'alofa - the red spires left of center are the palace

Fafa Island

Look at all those senior missionaries!

Checking out the resort on Fafa

Elder Dassler

Elder Meyers napping

Sister Meyers (background), Garth, and Elder Meyers


Snack time

Sister Johnson

Sister Mitchell and Sister Webb

Heading home


  1. Thanks for sharing - those are such good memories!!

  2. How come I don't have very many of you guys in here, Aland's? I shoulda done better with the camera!! It sure was a fun day :)